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“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it.

You must learn to see the world anew.”―Albert Einstein


I had the good fortune to be introduced to Nicolai Levashov in the early 1990’s when he was in San Francisco, California.  At first I saw Nicolai for my own healing.  I also was hopeful that I could be trained by him to become a healer using his method.  I sought a “something more” in healing, something my essence yearned for.

During the first sessions with Nicolai my spirit was transported.  I was amazed.  There was a deep communication with my true self, and I understood immediately that experiences I had wondered about were in fact real:  the clues and messages of extrasensory perceptions and communications; that we are more than a physical body; that there are “energy” flows and communication and paranormal phenomena; that there are other dimensions we can know about. 

As Nicolai would frequently say, “It is only the beginning.”  And of course he was right.  There would be so much more.

Within a few months of being Nicolai’s healing patient I felt significantly more resilient, more vibrant and happy despite the load on my system from the detoxification that was part of the healing process.  I was not concerned.  The fatiguing changes I was experiencing were of a healing nature and not from new or ongoing illness, a difference hard to describe, but my inner or higher self just knew.

After personal sessions with Nicolai for about six months he informed me I could be included in his upcoming training school.  I was so excited to have this warm and generous spirit as my teacher.  His knowledge seemed more than encyclopedic … almost without bounds.  He could use his considerable abilities to “see” us fully, to assess our subtle matter bodies and our physical bodies.  And he could change our brains to give us abilities we could not have developed on our own, evolving our systems rapidly.

The training was elating and also arduous.  We met every weekday evening.  At that time Nicolai spoke limited English, as had been true during my personal healing sessions, so we received his words from a translator until the latter weeks, when he began to speak directly to us with his English and occasional help from a Russian-speaking student. I admired his intrepidness and was inspired in my own efforts to speak other languages, even attempting a bit of Russian later on.   From then on Nicolai conducted the classes very well on his own and he and we were assured that the correct information was being conveyed. 

In addition to providing lectures that gave us new knowledge, Nicolai changed our spirit structures and our brains, telling us he was making a new foundation and constructing us anew from there. 

We learned about the etiology of disease, the physical and spirit bodies and their evolution, and the formation and development of the planet.  Time seemed to be speeding up in those early 1990’s, with everything happening much faster.  He explained that this perception was real and that the “clock" would soon reach a new level, one that was then correct for the planet.  Another interesting thing he told us was that the planet was leaving the Piscean era and moving into the Aquarian Age.  Many had heard about this in popular media; however, Nicolai was able to give us a cosmological explanation.  There are energy currents that impinge on the planet, and the turning of the earth’s angle in the Aquarian age would allow a higher level of primary matter to reach it, accessible to those with the possibility for it.

Each student was transformed according to his or her ability to receive.  Again, it was “only the beginning.”  One had to learn how to develop his or her potential and take action toward a chosen path.

Times were happy and exciting.  Every day was new.  I had wonderful new friends who were like-minded.   I relocated to an apartment in San Francisco near Nicolai’s.  Nicolai helped me to find a place that would be compatible with my spirit structure.  First he told me to find a few possibilities that were available and within my means.  He then scanned them with his brain and ordered them 1,2,3.  I preferred one in the back of a building because there would be less traffic noise.  Even though Nicolai said the front of the building was better for my structure he was able to change the one I preferred to make it well-suited.  He said he could change almost any home to have compatible energy with its occupant, though better to begin with one that is somewhat naturally close.

Later Nicolai moved a few miles away.  It turned out I luckily found a house ½ block from his and was again close to his flow, which he said could extend up to 30 miles, though the effects diminished with distance.  My adult daughter on occasion would see Nicolai walk by on the corner a short distance away and could feel his “love” emanating.  He exuded warmth and caring just by being.  He wanted us to grow and evolve and gave so much of himself as a gift … and the transformations occurred for each person at his or her own rate.

When we were ready, Nicolai advised us to begin our healing endeavors with plants.  Plants would give us feedback on our attempts that we could more easily and quickly observe than with complex human systems. 

You may have already heard about talking to plants, but you can affect them perhaps even more in this way:  Get three plants all of the same type. Keep them in separate rooms or spaces as much as possible.  One will be treated with your positive energy; a second plant cared for only with your specially influenced water; and a third control plant that is not treated.  Then begin to influence the two subject plants, one plant directly with your positive thoughts and energy and the water for a second plant.  Think of the plants and what will be best for their development.  Direct these thoughts or intentions toward the receiving plant as you hold your hands over it, and sense the flow from your palms and fingertips.  You will be able to observe over time the differences, helping you to understand what changes you can make.

Nicolai loved plants, animals, and humans.  He advised us to be in nature at least once a day and to take energy from trees when we could be with them.  He said that trees emit excess energy except for white trees (I assumed he meant birch or aspens), which absorb energy.  I like to take photographs and frequently walk in the parks where I live.  There I am able to be amongst many magnificent trees and if drawn to one, I may sit next to or lean on it, refreshing my being.

I encourage anyone who hasn’t done so to read Nicolai’s books, his first two being The Final Appeal to Mankind and Spirit and Mind.  Again, only a beginning, but you can learn a lot from these texts and illustrations.  They will bring nourishment for elevating and broadening your consciousness and understanding. 

Recently I have been introduced to the articles and books of Fyodor Shkrudnev.  This has added to my good fortune.  These texts have helped expand my understandings from Nicolai’s teachings and writings, giving me a new depth of appreciation. Thus I continue on with fresh gratitude that there is even more to come … perhaps just beyond what we can perceive with our everyday senses.

And so, keep at your journey though it takes effort and care.  As Nicolai wrote, we are “like blades of grass pushing up between the sidewalks.”


                                 Changing Landscapes

The air feels damp.

Drops fall across the wide glass pane.

Travelers in a viewing room,

We glide

Past rivers we once saw as distant,

Mountains we once saw as limits,

Move on

Into a new place …

Just beyond our range of view.

                                                     ©Ruth Scott

in Berlin c. 1998

with Nicolai and his art c. 1998


in Sweden c. 2002