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Studies with Nicolai Levashov

by Richard A. Blasband, MD

I (irst consulted the healer and physicist, Nicolai Levashov, for my chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) in 1994. This had been diagnosed by two medical homeopaths who were expert with a variation of the Voll diagnostic device. They had each, independently, found in(lammatory pathology in the same major organ systems: the heart, lungs, liver, and prostate. Pathologic structural changes in the heart were demonstrated by electrocardiogram. Although I did not inform him of these (indings, other than my fatigue, Nicolai made the same diagnoses within 10 minutes during his initial examination. With the (irst healing session I knew that Nicolai possessed remarkable abilities to move energy in my body: I experienced electrical-like currents moving through my body, followed by a “heavy” feeling as my organism took on the healing “load” that Nicolai had placed upon it. Within six months, with sessions two to three times a week, I was healed of the frequent, intermittent palpitations from which I had suffered for the previous three years. These changes were con(irmed by electrocardiography.

Within 1 ½ years I was healed of the major portion of the other in(lammatory changes and symptoms of CFS. A few words about my professional background may help the reader to better understand my subsequent relationship to Nicolai Levashov and the extraordinary capacities and body of knowledge that he has given me (and many others).

I am a Board certi(ied psychiatrist, classically trained at the Yale University School of Medicine, where I also served on the Psychiatry faculty. . Following my psychiatric training I studied Orgonomic Medicine with Elsworth Baker, MD, who had been appointed by Wilhelm Reich to train physicians in his medical discipline. My “day job” is the practice of this intense form of bioenergetic mind/body therapy, “psychiatric orgone therapy,” developed by Reich to treat emotional disorders (Reich 1949). When I (irst met Nicolai I had been practicing as an orgone therapist for about 30 years. In addition, during this period I had been active in experimental research in physical and biological orgone energy and had published over 60 papers in this (ield. Thus, the concept of a “vital energy,” as the basis of life functions and operative in the healing process readily resonated with my personal belief system and professional training and practice - despite my mechanistic, reductionistic classical education. Levashov in 2012 “Information is a message about events happening around and inside us received through the organs of sense. Knowledge is a re=lection and understanding of events happening around and inside us.” — N. Levashov This was not all that I brought to my work with Nicolai. For several years prior to studying with him I had been active in experimental investigations in the then nascent discipline of consciousness research (Jahn and Dunne 1987) Through this work I had convinced myself of the extraordinary capabilities of mental intention in manifesting objective changes in physical reality [(Blasband 2000)]. Healing, utilizing Nicolai’s method, depends, in large part, upon the use of heightened mental intention to diagnose and to effect changes in human cellular structure and physiology, the knowledge I had gained through my research therefore served me well as I embarked upon the work of becoming a healer. I referred several of my therapy patients with structural damage from a variety of disease processes to Nicolai. After several months, I began to see changes in them that could not be attributed to my own treatment. They were all clearly recovering from their somatic disease process, but they were also moving far more rapidly through orgone therapy than I had learned to expect from them during months of treatment. It was as if their organism had become “lubricated,” so that their bodily movements were more facile and less “armored.” In addition they all had a “glow” about their bodies, something that I had never seen on either them or other patients. I was naturally eager to have this mental - healing technique become part of my orgone-therapeutic “armamentarium.” I was pleased when Nicolai agreed to accept me as a student. The formal, initial six week training period with Nicolai was the most intensive, exciting time in my entire professional life. Our group of twenty students, physicians, psychologists, businesspeople, and others, met (ive times a week for three hours. Nicolai lectured for the (irst 2 3/4 hours on his (indings about the nature of man and the universe. The (inal (ifteen minutes was devoted to Nicolai’s “transformation” of our brains and spiritual bodies through his use of conscious intention on each of us individually and as a group. The didactic material, derived from Nicolai’s research as a physicist and clairvoyant, included material from physics, biology and the role of the spirit in its interaction with the material world. This was the elementary foundation of the healing work. This was a new, exciting, coherent, paradigm incorporating classical physics and biology and bringing new insight to riddles of the material and spiritual world. The transformational work was dif(icult to objectify at the time of the initial experience. Subjectively, I perceived a marked increase in sensations of energetic excitation, with electrical-like energetic currents throughout the body, especially in the brain. (An interesting preliminary (inding is that A random event generator (REG) running during the training sessions uniformly showed an anomalous increase in deviation of the output from the expected baseline when Nicolai was dong the brain and spirit “transformation,” and an anomalous lowering of the baseline following the ending of the transformation.) At the nightly conclusion I felt light-headed. Driving home, my focus was sharper and I could see greater distances into the night. Other students described what sounded like out-of-the-body experiences and “altered states of consciousness.” At the conclusion of the formal training I found I had developed several new capabilities. One of these was the ability to “see” pathology in cells and organs inside a person’s body. This kind of “seeing” is not like literally seeing an x-ray or CAT- scan image of an organ. To convey the way that one “sees” through the Levashov-transformed brain and spiritual bodies, let us (irst review how we see ordinarily with our eyes. Our “picture” or perception of the world is the result of our mind’s interpretation of excitations of our sensory organ systems. These systems evolve out of exposure to the ecological niche in which we have lived for thousands of years. As humans we utilize (ive senses that tell us of the nature of our physical universe. If our eyes had developed the capacity to detect radio waves in color we would see waves in the air as well as we see waves on the ocean, three dimensionally and solid. On the other hand, if we were color blind, we would be perplexed when colorperceiving people told us of the multitudinous colors that they see. If we were completely blind from birth, we would have an extremely dif(icult time altogether understanding what the sighted are describing when they “see.” In the transformational process performed by Levashov, he rapidly evolves the student’s brain and spiritual bodies (etheric and astral bodies) so that they have new “qualities”. These qualities provide the capacity to detect information that was previously undetectable utilizing only the ordinary senses. Students also acquire the capability of in(luencing and changing the spiritual and physical bodies of others, both proximally and “non-locally.” This seeing with the evolved “mind’s eye” appears to me to take place on a screen that is located somewhere in the forebrain. It is the same place where we “imagine,” however in the case of “seeing” with a transformed brain and spirit, the imaginings correspond closely to reality. Indeed, what the transformation permits is for the healer to “program” himself for that particular format that will make the information coming to him from the patient most intelligible. After all, ordinarily, what we “see” or feel is intelligible to us because of how we organize it with our minds. Without a mind, the stimuli we receive through our sensory apparatus would be unintelligible. If we upgrade our perceptual apparatus (our spirit/mind/brain) we can sense more, and we have the capacity to transform it into information that makes sense. Then we have the choice of organizing that information in one of many formats so that we can quantify and analyze it. For example, one might “request” or “program” oneself to see the heart static, or beating, with pathology revealed now or at a prior time - days, months, or years ago when pathology was just beginning. We may even program our inner screen so that we can have a view with the coronary arteries prominent, cholesterol plagues highlighted in yellow, electrical impulses stimulating the heart muscles in green, along with their electrical integration with sub-brain structures, etc. One could zoom in on a microscopic level, say of a valve, to examine it in detail.


Microtubules (green), mitochondria (purple), Golgi apparatus (red), and
peroxisomes (yellow) from a single human cell. Each of these components
works together to make the cell function.
©Maier Avenado/ Wyss Institute.

This process could even be carried down to the genetic level. In this way, utilizing a systems analysis, one can obtain a truly de(initive diagnosis on many levels of anatomical, physiological, and biochemical pathology and clarify how these variations manifest on the etheric and astral/ spiritual levels of functioning. This inner screen can be used as well for data analysis. For instance, one might “ask to see” the blood elements in comparison to one another in a bar-chart format, as segments in a circular “pie,” and so on. It is also possible to “fast-forward” the screen, to check the possible result of a healing intervention. In this way one can “try out” possible healing programs without actually putting them into action in order to ascertain whether or not one can successfully manifest these programs, and whether they are going to cure the problem. These are but a few of the capabilities that are possible with a qualitatively transformed system. It is as if Nicolai had inserted a Swiss Army knife of paranormal capabilities in my organism. I need only choose which of these I want to use and it will be there. These capabilities are, however, skills that need constant use to develop and re(ine. In addition, many other tools latent within Levashov’s students will be available when they have developed further in the work and can assume responsibility for their use. This stepwise progression has happened to me many times in the course of thetwenty-(ive years that I have been doing this work. Initially it was dif(icult to distinguish between ordinary imagination and the newly acquired ability to “see” inside the body. After all, I was a physician and knew what livers, bones, and thyroid organs should look like. In time, however, I began to trust what I was “seeing” in my mind’s eye, recognizing how it corresponded to objective reality. I learned to send out a signal from my mind to a target within the patient’s organism then wait for information to return. In the (irst few years after the formal course, my “seeing” was weak in color intensity, two-dimensional, and fuzzy. After utilizing Nicolai’s method for a couple of years, I found that I was seeing more threedimensionally, in more vivid color, with spontaneous movement appearing in the organ systems. I could see “subtle energy” (“primary matters” according to Levashov) moving from my hands to the organ system in question. I could “feel” a resistance to my hand as I moved it near the body (or a holographic image of the patient’s body in non-local work) in sensing various components of the physical and/or spiritual body of the patient. All of these qualities forti(ied my impression of a multi-dimensional, solid structure of the spiritual aspect of the organism working in unity with its physical component.


“Beyond its revolutionary technological applications and scienti=ic impact, the evidence of an active role of consciousness in the establishment of physical reality holds profound implications for our view of ourselves, our relationships to others, and to the cosmos in which we exist.” — R. Jahn, B. Dunne, Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab.


In making a diagnosis and following the progression of a patient’s healing I pass my hand over the body without touching it while asking to see various organ systems that lie beneath my hand. While doing this I ask certain questions, such as, “Is there pathology here?” An af(irmative answer might be a sensation of tingling on my palm if that is the response that I have programmed myself to indicate “yes.” I then re(ine the question, “ Is it infection or a mass, etc.? ” and continue to re(ine questions, extending the investigation to include the entire organism. With the data in hand the task is then to conduct a systems analysis with the goal of understanding the problem from its primary cause to secondary and tertiary manifestations. When I was a novice healer this took a great deal of energy and time to do correctly, but in time the process became easier and faster. But this is the way, utilizing this method that one can heal and sustain a de(initive cure. Obviously knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry is necessary in order to apply this method of healing. Having obtained a diagnosis, I can then ask for the kinds and quantities of primary matters that I need to project to that aspect of the cellular pathology, as it exists on the spiritual level. I then ask whether I have the capability to initiate this projection. If not, I would then have to search for alternative methods to correct the problem. Once a solution is found, my projection of the correct qualities and quantities of primary matters to manifest my intention will, in time, bring about changes on the physical level. For example, given a sensitive patient with a heart problem and the correct program, it is possible to remove scarring or plaque throughout the coronary arterial system, rebuild or regenerate infarcted coronary muscle, or return a disorder of rhythm to normal. Having effected the desired changes, it is then necessary to balance out the brain and any other organ systems physiologically associated with the “healed” organ. If this is not done, the organism, which always functions as a unity, will revert to its previous pathological state. These skills can also be used to effect changes on a holographic image of the patient constructed in my mind’s eye, even though the patient may be thousands of miles away. In fact, most of my healing is done in this way: Working from my of(ice in California, I have treated patients in Europe, China, and many parts of the United States.


“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.” — Hippocrates


In an average workweek I conduct about 30 healing sessions, each lasting 10 to 15 minutes. I prefer to work with (ive or six patients early in the morning, and then brie(ly rest before working with patients in therapy. Most of the energy for healing comes from a transmutation of cosmic primary matters by my transformed brain. According to Levashov, primary matters in their pure cosmic form are incompatible with the human organism, necessitating their transmutation in order for them not to be injurious to the healer and the healee. I (ind, however, that concentrated intention for 10 to 15 minutes is draining. Lots of water and rest are necessary to sustain my metabolism and maintain my energy at a healthy level. I can, at will, open or closedown the healing apparatus in my brain and spiritual bodies. When it is open, the apparatus feels like a I am wearing a large cap of weighted energy and appears in my mind’s eye like a large, rainbow-colored, three-dimensional “crown” of intertwined bands of glowing energy. I begin the work by scanning the entire organism with a broad focus, which includes the spiritual bodies. Following a more detailed scan, I then make a systems analysis of the obtained data in order to determine the primary, underlying causes of problems. This clari(ies whether the disorder is of a karmic, genetic, early, or late environmental etiology or some combination of such causes. I have, been successful in treating acute musculo-skeletal strains such as low-back “sciatica,” slipped or ruptured intervertebral disks, varieties of common cold, sinus conditions, autonomic nervous system imbalances such as acute cardiac arrhythmias, gastrointestinal diarrheas and constipation, wounds, arthritis in its various forms, and most conditions where excessive amounts of toxins are among the principal etiological factors. Since toxins are invariably found in most illnesses, it is often possible for me to provide some help in stopping the progression of an illness by detoxi(ication alone. Detoxi(ication involves breaking down the toxin and providing a means of eliminating it from the body, whether it is drainage through the sinuses or ears from the cerebral-spinal (luid of the brain, into the G-I tract from the liver, or into the kidneys from the circulatory system. Drainage is manifest on the physical level as a literal discharge of (luids from the nose or down the back of the throat. When detoxifying the patient it is important that the liver and kidneys, the primary organs involved in detoxi(ication, be clean and capable of handling the large load of toxins delivered to them via the healing process. Detoxi(ication should be done slowly to avoid overloading the patient. While there are other alternative medical regimens for detoxi(ication of various organ systems, the Levashov Method is the only one known to me that can detoxify the cerebral-spinal (luid. Detoxi(ication can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to complete, working one to two times a week, depending upon the severity of the problem and the sensitivity of the patient. To proceed more rapidly is possible, but may overload the patient and thus prove counter-therapeutic. Tissue regeneration is also possible, but requires far more skill and power than detoxi(ication. Regeneration involves making changes on the etheric and astral levels, taking out the old diseased patterns and replacing them with healthy patterns that existed earlier in life. These then provide a healthy template for regenerating cells. This is much easier to do when the tissue is in a life phase of natural regeneration (usually every 5-7 years, depending upon the tissue). It is more dif(icult when the tissue is in-between regenerative cycles although clinical evidence with certain sensitive patients indicate that I have had success in doing this. As mentioned above, in the process of rebuilding or regenerating tissue it is most important to balance the newly healthy organ system with the rest of the organism, especially the brain. Unless this is done there is a tendency toward relapse since the organism always wants to reestablish its old, pathologic level of homeostasis. In a very important sense, healing, no matter what the method, involves overcoming this stasis. The tendency to relapse is great unless total organismic balance is achieved through the healing. Details of the biophysics of these processes involving the relationships between the physical and spiritual bodies may be found in Levshov’s privately published books, The Final Appeal to Mankind, Vols. 1 and 2, and Spirit and Mind. Two disorders that I will not treat until I have further developed my healing potential are most cancers and extremely virulent infections such as AIDS. One reason for this is that I do not have a strong enough “shield” to protect myself from acquiring these diseases from the patient if I open myself up to them as a healer. We all have shields made of circulating primary matters that serve as a buffer between the outside world and ourselves. In chronic illness our shield weakens, permitting the entry of a variety of physical and non-physical agents and agencies into our system. In turn, these can cause havoc with our energy metabolism, further draining us of vital energy. In healing it is of critical importance to sustain one’s shield as a protection against the patient’s disease. It is of more than passing interest that healers often succumb to the combined effects of their treatments of others and that some physicians, such as oncologists, have an unusually high incidence of cancer. I usually know when a new patient has cancer because while scanning I will suddenly feel unusually strong sensations of energy being emitted from the patient. I also feel ill, with a “draining” sensation in my abdomen, as if I had suddenly ingested large amounts of toxins. ( Musumeci et al 1992) While it is hard work, healing using the Levashov method is very satisfying. I am effecting changes in patients on a far deeper level than can be obtained by the usual methods of allopathic medicine and without subjecting patients to deleterious by-products and side effects of most drugs. Work on the use of the Levashov method in facilitating the treatment of emotional problems is remarkably ef(icacious and will be reported at a later time. The ability to work independent of spatial limitations between the patient and myself is also very rewarding, in that it is possible for me to work with most anyone in any location on Earth, providing I have enough “mental” power and capability. There is also the extremely important added bonus that actually doing the work exercises the acquired qualities that Nicolai has developed in me, thus permitting further development of the healing apparatus.


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