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Healing with the Levashov System:

the Merger of Science and Spirituality

Robert Ginsburg

Articles in the Autumn 2007 issue of De Numine by Alexander Gorbenko and Howard Jones have discussed Spiritual Healing. Gorbenko’s approach was what one can term ‘religious’ and faith oriented, whilst Jones takes a scientific approach incorporating quantum physics into the world of spirit. A recent development in the field of healing is the work of Russian physicist/healer and academician Nicolai Levashov. Levashov’s system merges spirituality and science into one precise multi-dimensional healing modality. I trained for over ten years with Levashov and, as a practitioner, find his healing system highly effective. The purpose of this article is, firstly, to look at Levashov’s healing system, its potentiality and possible implications for health, knowledge and spiritual growth and, secondly, to provide an overview of my understanding of Levashov’s theories as they relate to spiritual and/or subtle energy healing. For purposes of this article ‘spiritual’ and ‘subtle energy’ will be synonyms.


Levashov has a graduate degree in theoretical physics and has taught his method in Russian Medical schools. His approach has been called by Barbara G. Koopman, M.D., Ph.D. the ‘unified theory the world has been seeking’. Levashov theorizes that the human body has seven levels: a physical level and six subtle energy levels. He terms these levels ethereal, astral and mental. The mental body has four levels and functions for spiritual development and its accompanying higher consciousness.

Development of the mental levels varies among people. The ethereal and astral levels replicate the anatomy and physiology of the physical level. Healing under Levashov’s system takes place primarily on these two levels.


Further, Levashov believes the cells of the body have different levels of evolutionary development. For example, bone cells have a physical and ethereal level while the neurons of the brain potentially possess all seven levels. There is a channel in the nucleus of the cell connecting the physical cell to higher subtle energy levels. Work on any one level affects all other levels, i.e. the body is one inter-connected spiritual system.


The first step for the healing of disease under Levashov’s method is the scanning of the body with the mind to detect pathology on a subtle energy level. Training with Levashov develops the healer’s ability to scan and ‘see’ on these levels. ‘Seeing’ here means gathering information. It need not be visual. The healer may feel an energetic disturbance on a sensory level.


Once pathology is detected, a mental process, somewhat analogous to muscle testing, is used to determine the primary cause of the problem. Training with Levashov can develop this ability in his students. The located primary cause can be quite surprising. One of the problems seen is arthritis in the hips and knees, and often a blockage in the kidneys’ filtering system is found to be the causative factor: metabolic toxins are not being removed properly from the blood, and the brain seeks to clean the blood by depositing the toxins where there is room, i.e. in joints. This thickens the fluid of the joint and arthritis results. A program is developed and implemented by thought to unblock the kidneys and thus heal the arthritis.


The question arises, where does the energy come from to accomplish the healing? It is here that Levashov’s new theories in physics merge with healing. Levashov theorizes we live in an anisotropic universe that contains peaks and valleys along with seven forms of primary matter. Anisotropic here means space is not uniform in all directions, and matter materializes in different ways in different areas of space. This is contrary to the traditional view that space is isotropic: in an isotropic universe, thinking is binary with a limited number of variables. The potential ramifications of this vital distinction will be discussed later.


When a valley in space reaches a certain measurable mathematical depth, this attracts primary matter in a process similar to gravity. A merger of the different forms of primary matter results and a hybrid matter is formed. A by-product of this merger is a flow of energy. This process is duplicated by the healing programs sent by thought to the client, i.e. the embedded program causes the requisite depression in space and resulting energy flow. Scientists at Princeton University claim their studies prove thought to be a substance that can influence matter. 


I just completed a healing that will be described to clarify Levashov’s theories. Dr. Richard von Fuchs, Professor at the University of West Hungary, was beset by an attack of dizziness that was so severe he had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. He was hospitalized and tested for numerous ailments over a span of five days. The final diagnosis was Menière’s syndrome. This is a hearing and balance disorder usually associated with the inner ear. He was given four different types of medication and his daily activities were greatly curtailed.


Dr. von Fuchs called my London office for help from his home in Sopron, Hungary. The first step was to create a holographic image of Dr. von Fuchs. This was accomplished from the telephone contact. I then scanned this image of his organism with my mind to ‘see’ problem areas. It is vital to scan with an open mind or else one runs the danger of finding what you are looking for. I felt a strong disturbance in the subtle energy of his neck. The neck muscles were severely contracted and vertebrae out of alignment. I was able to determine the neck problem was the primary cause of the dizziness. Most likely the pressure inside the head and inner ear was thrown severely off balance by the neck, resulting in dizziness. Healing the problem required creating and/or visualizing a program of a perfectly aligned neck. This program was sent by thought to the holographic image of Dr. von Fuchs. This reached Dr. von Fuchs in Hungary and healed his dizziness. Dr. von Fuchs confirmed he had previously suffered a serious neck injury. 


It is to be noted that all work using the Levashov system is done off the body without physical contact. Change on the physical level is secondary to work on the subtle energy level.


Levashov’s system has the potential to make a major impact on the current practice of medicine. In the January 2000 edition of Prevention Magazine, leading medical practitioners were asked for their predictions for future developments in alternative medicine. Among the predictions offered were that energy medicine would be a major development in the next century, and we would learn to harness the power of the mind, not only to heal, but also to scan the body to locate pathology. Levashov’s healing system brings these predictions into present day reality.


Professor Richard P. Kratz, M.D., D.Sci. of the University of California and the University of Southern California Medical School, who has an international reputation, researched the scientific basis of Levashov’s system after his wife was healed at distance when she suffered an episode of atrial fibrillation. Dr. Kratz states, ‘I truly think this type of healing is the medicine of the future’. 


It is interesting to speculate on the impact Levashov’s theories may have if proven to be correct. Growth may come in areas outside the healing of our health problems. His claim that the universe is anisotropic as opposed to isotropic has been verified by recent scientific research. As explained above, in an isotropic universe, thinking is binary with a limited number of variables. It is a yes/no approach. In an anisotropic universe there are an infinite number of variables that can be brought into the equation. Levashov appears to say we think in a way separate from how he believes the cosmos functions.


A healing example may clarify. Many people suffer without relief from migraine headaches. Levashov’s system has successfully healed migraines and found most to be caused by an imbalance in the atmospheric pressure inside the head resulting in blood vessel contraction. It is my understanding that, although medicine generally believes contraction of blood vessels to be the causative factor of migraines, the issue of atmospheric pressure is not considered. Binary thinking does not bring cosmic connection into the equation.


It may be thought that cosmic connection is the next step in humanity’s spiritual evolution. An anisotropic universe offers us the opportunity to expand our horizons and join the great cosmos. This opportunity is furthered by the knowledge that the human mind, via thought, can influence the forces of nature. Our minds are innately cosmically connected; now we must expand our thinking. It appears to me our planet is on the verge of great growth in terms of our knowledge. This growth will cover most areas of human existence including spirituality, healing and the everyday aspects of life. We are living in very exciting times with much to look forward to. It has been a long time coming.


Robert Ginsburg, Healer and AHS member